Hello, I’m Nikki Rogers, Bristol’s Enterprise Architect, and this is the blog I maintain to share information about our EA activity at the University of Bristol.

If you wish to know about EA in the wider setting of UK Higher Education then please take a look at the JISC Infonet introductory pages on this topic: http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/flexible-service-delivery/ea.

And if you’re wondering about what I do, here are some indications ….

EA involves a lot of talking

The EA can help these Towers of Babel to communicate - and thus align strategy


Modelling with Archimate

Modelling with Archimate - I currently use the Archi tool for this.

More to follow!

Models and related documentation are held in the University’s Enterprise Continuum, which is growing over time, currently at https://wikis.bris.ac.uk/display/EntContinuum/Home#.





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